Gadol Elohai - Joshua Aaaron


Hillsong em Portugal em Outubro!

All Day de Hillsong United
I don't care what they say about me
It's alright, it’s alright
I don't care what they think about me
It's alrightThey'll get it one day
I love you, I'll follow you
You are my, my life
I will read my Bible and pray
I will follow you all day
All day, all day now, all day
I don't care what it costs anymore
'Cause you gave it all and I'm following you
I don't care what it takes anymore
No matter what happens I'm going your way
Anyone around can see
Just how good you've been to me
For all my friends who don't know you
I pray that you would save them too

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Anónimo disse...

É uma oportunidade unica ter os United ca no burgo!!!!
Nao percam...inscrevam se ja....como eu que a fiz ontem!